Applicant Tracking (ATS)

Our Resumes Pass Applicant Tracking Systems 100%!

The process of evaluating resumes has truly evolved. We can help move you past the screening process to get on with the interview! When you submit a resume, you have to impress more than the Hiring Manager. The majority of large companies rely on "Applicant Tracking Systems" to search for qualified candidates from large applicant pools. Hiring managers often have hundreds and thousands of applications to review. They have more applicants than they have the time to interview!

Employers can analyze and pre-filter resumes and CVs to dramatically reduce unsuitable candidates. The system scores the resume for relevance using filters to reveal top candidates for the position. Only the most qualified resumes are disclosed for human review. If your resume doesn’t make it past this initial "gatekeeper", the hiring manager is never made aware of your application. It is an uncomfortable situation for any job seeker. If you're not careful, your resume could end up in the dreaded "black hole," with all your efforts wasted.

Our writing process was developed with resume robots and human readers in mind!