A Letter from Bev

I am the owner of Affordable Resume Service. This website is our local service. When the economy took a downturn several years ago, we opted to close our storefronts in an effort to reduce our overhead and enable us to maintain reasonable rates. We learned during this new process that trying to take copious notes was not nearly as effective as our new system.

There are suggestions on the internet, which imply that if you cannot walk into a physical location to have your resume written, there is something wrong. Our purpose in utilizing the e-based services is to save you time and money. We have developed our skills and expertise through years of providing professional resumes to people in many professions and all walks of life.

We have learned to glean from raw data many aspects of a person’s aptitudes and attitudes. After producing a preliminary draft from your information, we will work with you to tweak the data. We make recommendations and require your feedback. Your resume is a personal and professional document and one that you should be able to rely on to open doors for you. We treat you and it with a great deal of respect. Our guarantee states that we will work with you until you are happy! I tell my clients if you can't read your resume and say, "Wow, I'm good!", then it's not approval ready.

Our service fee is a flat rate. We aren't out to rob you. Everyone is suffering from the state of the economy. If you are actively seeking employment, or think you may be soon, the last thing you need is to have a large fee thrown at you for a service you really need. We ask that you deposit half of the fee when you hire us. You don't pay the balance until the draft is approved. If you prefer to pay in full, we give you a $25 discount.

You receive a lot of service for your funds. You’ll receive electronically, for immediate access, the resume in 3 formats (.docx, .pdf, and .txt), a reference page, thank you and cover letters customized to your resume. This enables you to keep your resume updated and it provides you the formats you may need for various submissions, job boards, etc.

We believe in the concept of paying it forward. Referrals are what we live for and reviews on our website are greatly appreciated. Many businesses are moving to the internet in an effort to streamline their concepts and to save their customers time and money. There are some who use fear tactics to discourage you from trying services that don't have a physical storefront. It is not a nice way to discourage legitimate competition.

We look forward to working with you!


Beverly Daily