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These documents look wonderful, and thank you so much for the service and wonderful information provided throughout the process. I'll utilize each document to its fulliest and follow these great guidelines. It was a pleasure working with you as well, and I'll definitely promote your services to my network.

Shane O., General Sales Manager, Hawthorne CAT

Thank you so much for your quick turnaround. The opening statement sounds absolutely amazing (I can hardly believe I'm reading about myself). Thank you so much for everything that you're doing. I could have spent months (and I have) and it never would have been anywhere close to this good. Alex F., Graduate REsearch Assistant, Texas A&M University

I approve the document. It looks amazing and I want to say a Big thank you for the outstanding job you have done.  Rick S., Safety Coordinator, Technip FMC

I will admit, I am beyond impressed! Thanks again! April L., Reimbursement Coordinator, Billing Supervisor, StarCare Specialty Health System

It was a pleasure working with you as well. You made this process so easy and simple. A warmest Mahalo for your Kokua (help/assistance)! James S., Operations Specialist II, National Facilities Services, Kaiser Permanente

Thank you for sending the draft of my resume so quickly. Very impressed with what you have done. Thank you again for your support with writing my resume. I was laid off with no warning and your services have been a great help. Jeanne D., Senior Customer Service Rep., Reagent Chemical and Research

Thank you again for your professionalism in drafting my resume and supporting documents. I will gladly recommend your service to family and friends. Vicki H., Paralegal, Dodson & Dodson, LLP

I must say I am really impressed with what you done. Thank you!  Irby S., Hazardous Materials Operator, Gulfstream Aerospace

Thank you and God bless you – I just sent a job application, using your good work. Whether or not I get the job, I appreciate all your help! You were there for me – patiently – in the midst of some personally challenging job situations. I am deeply grateful! Connie A., Director for Donor Relations, Evergreen Life Services

It looks great! You guys have done an amazing job. Christina C., Senior Client Services Associate, Experian Inc.

Everything looks good. I think you did a wonderful job!!!  Chris R., Aircraft Mechanic, Continental Motors

Everything looks wonderful ... Thank you so much! Terry F., Recruiter, Aim Personnel Services

Beautiful job! Nice work! G. Duncan, Executive Director of Linen Services, DMC

Thank you Beverly!! I appreciate your work on this! W. Covitz, Director of Leasing, Healthcare Realty Trust

Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate your help, it looks great!! N Parnell, Dental Assistant Extern, Comprehensive Dentistry

Crystal, Thank you so much for your assistance and your prompt responses. It's been a pleasure working with you and the company. I will definitely be sure to send business your way. Thanks again!

Erin S., Inside Property Claims Specialist, Liberty Mutual

I used your resume service almost three years ago to the date. Because of using your service, I have the greatest job!! I am convinced I would not have landed the job without your professional resume that you created for me!! My quality of life is so much better now because I chose you to assist me! My daughter just graduated college so I have insisted she use your service. I am giving her this as a gift certificate. Thank you for your help and it is ALWAYS a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you!

Deborah S., Business Development Leader, Hajoca Corporation

Thank you so much Beverly, I am relieved that you provided such detail in to what I had been told. I again thank you for the info and appreciate your services. They were prompt. Thank you again, and I'll be sure to recommend your company to any friends I find that may need your services.

Nate O., Senior Field Engineer, VisionRT Ltd

Thank you so much for your work on this. It looks a million times better than my old resume! Tyler R., Sales Operations Specialist, UnitedHealthcare

I emailed my résumé to the employer that I wanted to work for. An hour later he called and said that I had an impressive résumé and that he would like to meet me this Friday! Thank you Crystal for a job well done!!!

Donald S., CDL Instructor, Continental Truck Driving and Education School

I'm very, very pleased with this result. After five years off my career track, I've been apprehensive about what might be perceived as an unemployment gap there (though I was paid for my services). You've presented my achievements and strengths in a way that for me overcomes my concern about being "off-track" and also my brief tenure at my last job (the director of which -- to whom I reported -- resigned yesterday even further confirming I made the right decision to resign when I did! Thank you very much for your guidance and excellent work.

Beth M., Director of Development for Cancer Programs, Company Withheld

Good morning Crystal, I finally got a chance to look at the final product this morning. I am very pleased with complete package and will definitely refer people who are in need of your service.

Bob B., Orthotic Specialist, CareFit Medical

Thank you for everything. The resume and additional documents look great. I appreciate all of your time. Joshua S., Petty Officer First Class, United States Coast Guard

Thank you. Everything looks wonderful. I have already shown my friends and peers. They will definitely be using your services soon.

Jennifer S., Owner, K'Town Kitchen

Hi Beverly, I received the attachments to this email, and everything looks great. Thank you for your help! P. Barnes, Administrative Assistant, FFC Capital Corporation

Thank you for the great work! It’s much appreciated! J. Bair, Pharmacy Manager, Wal-Mart

I'm very pleased with the resume. Money well spent. J. Hershey, President, Hershey’s Investments, LLC

All looks well done! Thank you for your help. James F., Catastrophe Adjuster, Professional Adjusting Services Corp.

Looks great! Thanks again! Jeremy A., Implementation Project Manager, Toys R US

Thank you very much. It all looks great, and I will definitely refer anyone I can your way. It was fast and easy and I never left the office, and you can't ask for more than that.

Linda L., Owner/Office Manager, Capital City Construction

Draft looks good! You are the expert on writing resumes! Monte H., Senior Operator, Turner Wire Line

Approved!! Thank you for all your help. Daniel M., Outside Marketing Representative, ALO North America

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work on my resume. I was able to get a contract position within 3 days and a great direct hire position (a step up from the positions I was applying for) within 2 weeks of posting my resume. Great job! Thanks again. All the best.

S. Sebastian, PMP, MSC, MBA, Senior Project Manager, Centeva, LLC.

These documents look great! Thank you for you help! G. Turner, Pharm.D., Senior Oncology District Sales Manager, Eli Lilly & Company

Thank you for all the tips and advice. I enjoyed working with you and your team. I will recommend your services to anyone looking to update their resume. You have the cure-all for depression. I'm carrying my resume in my purse to remind me of how good I am! Thank you!!!

K. Mergist, National Sales Manager, Cox Research & Technology, Inc.

I am more than thankful that you spent the time you did on my resume. I can't begin to tell you what an impression it made! I presented it at a job fair yesterday and I noticed that the people in front of me had their resumes placed in a pile, but several employers turned mine over and made notes on the back : ) Pretty sure it was all good because they told me the names of the people they were going to forward my resume to! My resume is being forwarded to local offices by several companies! This was well worth my time : ) A BIG THANK YOU!

Carol R.S., Physician Relations Associate

Thank you very much for your help with my resume. I am very pleased with the work that your company did. I will refer others as the opportunity arises. Thank you for your time and efforts. I extend my sincerest gratitude for your help.

Jason N., Mechanical Design Engineer, Anderson Power Products

Let me begin by saying I think this will be the best money I've ever spent! Clearly attempting to do this on my own would have proven an exercise in futility, as I have no idea what I'm doing and your ability to encapsulate my skills and attributes into such succint statements is amazing, thank you for your help. Thank you again for all of your help, you've got an amazing gift!

Steve W., Finance Manager/Sales Manager McCarthy Olathe Hyundai

Thank you. I have referred two people to you all. Robert R., Enterprise Data Delivery Manager, Santander Consumer USA

Thank You for all the time and patience you afforded me. The Resume and the letters look wonderful. I will keep you in mind if I or anyone needs your service.

Gary K., Title Curative Specialist III, Stewart Title

Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU!! I haven't even opened the final documents yet. I had to reply to you immediately! You all have been a pleasure to work with (especially dealing with all of my emails) and I appreciate everything you have done. You guys are amazing!! I hope you all have a great long weekend!! You all deserve it with all of your hard work you do!! If I have any questions, I will reach out to you ~ I apologize in advance :)... I think y'all pretty much know me by now LOL.. Again, thank you for all of you hard work, time and effort. It's been a pleasure working with you all. Please pass this email on to Miss Beverly.. I couldn't stress enough to her of how greatful I was to be able to work with you all.

Alyson H., Territory Sales Manager, KeHe Distributors

Please allow me to start by saying THANK YOU, I have been so hesitant to hire out this service for longer than I care to mention, and now I'm kicking myself for now doing so sooner. This is amazing, Bravo, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Alicia B., Area Sales Manager, Dillard’s

Thank you for the great job on my resume. It looks great. Hopefully, it's just what I need to get this job. Thanks again- Jackie C., Assistant Director Resident Dining, Chartwells

Everything looks wonderful! I do thank you for your services. Trever B., IT, Military/Nuclear Machinist

First of all, thank you for such a quick turn-around! It is greatly appreciated! After a 20-year career in the Army, I wanted someone else to mess with the headache of trying to put it all together and for it to sound professional. Bev did a wonderful job and talked to me for at least an hour on multiple phone calls answering questions. I am extremely happy with the end result. A+

William S., Planning, Support Operations

I received the hard copies in the mail yesterday! I just wanted to let you know that everything looks great! I am very pleased with the service, and greatly appreciate your help. Thank you for everything! :)

Nikki M., Producer/On-Air Personality, MTV UK & International

Thanks again for doing such a great job with my resume and supporting documents!

Tom T., Director of Fund Raising, Non-Profit, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Update: Since I hired you to revamp my resume my income has increased by 70%. That's why I just purchased a gift certificate for my sister so you can help her advance her career. Blessings...

It is perfect and I love it! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Rebecca B., Inside Sales Representative, UNIVAR

Services provided were professional. This company bent over backwards to meet my needs. I commend you ...pretty impressive. I am highly satisfied.

Laura T., Retail Banking Operations, Amegy Bank, Zions Bancorporation Affiliate

Surprised you came up with so much! This looks incredible! Timothy W., Narcotics Investigator/Police Officer

Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm very impressed with what you have presented and its format.

William H., Public Relations

Thank you so much for your help. I'm very pleased with my resume, cover letter and thank you letter. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and co-workers. Thanks again.

Inna M., Senior International Special Services Manager, Textile Manufacturing

I think you have done an incredible job. It all looks great! The letters and resume look excellent. Thank You!

Kevin C., Pipe Craft Manager

Bev was great!! All of my documents were received within 3 days. The verbiage is awesome and the content is very impressive. Thanks so much!

John T., Bank Branch Manager

This company is the real deal! Highly recommended. I was blown away with the resume they produced for me!

James D., Sr. Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Oncor Communications, Inc.

Thank you for a job well done. Greg W., Logistics and Quality Control, Air Liquide

I am really pleased with the direction of the resume. Justin H., Claims Examiner, SW Service Life Insurance Co.

Thanks a ton for your help and it looks great! Joe G., Insurance Agent

I appreciate the work...and am very happy with the way the CV looks!! Linda L., M.D.

PERFECT!!!!!!! Mario P., Social Insurance Project Manager, Social Security Administration

Well...the interview is finally here! I feel so blessed to have met you and I can feel your prayers. The resume is perfect - I'll keep you posted!

Robin S., Manager, Designer Retail Store, Yves delorme

Everything looks great! Thank you for your advice. I'm ready for my cover letters! Lisa M., Registered Nurse

This resume looks awesome! Sharon T., Public Affairs NCO

I am very pleased. Thank you. Matthew B., CPA

Everything looks real good. Thanks again. Aaron C., Professional Flight Instructor

Got the package in the mail... all looks good! Thank you for a great job. Great working with you. Wish me luck!!!

Dan V., General Manager, Steel & Piper, Steel & Pipe Supply, Inc.

I am definitely impressed! You've done a great job and have helped me accomplish something I'm not sure I could have done on my own -- I certainly couldn't have done it nearly as well! I look forward to receiving the cover-letters etc. so I can finally start getting out there and applying for some new things.

Kelly S., Exhibits Account Executive

I am emailing you briefly... to tell you that I love the new resume. It shows me as a very confident and inspiring worker!

Annetta Y., Personal and Professional Life Coach

I am quite impressed. I do not recognize this person. I concur with your recommendations! I am pleased!

Raymond H., G.M., Ministry of Tourism

I am very pleased with the way my resume turned out. Thank you again. I know because of my numerous jobs and lack of a completely targeted direction it was not easy to put together.

Bernie T., Ethanol Trader, CSC Sugar, LLC

I appreciate all of your hard work! I'm very impressed with what you were able to make of the mess I sent you.

Kelly S., Account Executive, Excalibur Exhibits

I appreciate the professionalism and productivity provided. Thank you! Roberto G., Customer Service Specialist

I appreciate the vote of confidence you have given me. Maybe you should be a motivator also. You have made me realize a lot of things talking with you.

Danny R., Real Estate Broker/Owner

I do approve of this resume. Nice! Ricky M., Area Construction Manager

I love it, Kim!!!! You have done an outstanding job! Caroline A., Regional Account Manager, STARCITE, INC.

I love the format. Looks great! Elizabeth P., Territory Manager, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

I may hire myself! You guys are a big help! John H., Insurance Agent

I must give credit where it is due. I am thoroughly pleased with my resume. You can be assured I will be recommending you to my friends and associates. Thank you for a job well done!

Thomas N., Corporate Training Manager, Best Buy Corporation

I really like the job that you did! I appreciate the work you have put into my resume.

Jimmy H., Human Intelligence Operations Cell Member, Army National Guard

Looks awesome! Well done! Kevin K., Drilling Fluids Operations/Sales Manager, QMAX America

Looks good! I had to remember you were talking about me! Thank you so much for your service. I am so grateful to have found your expertise. I am sure that I will get multiple offers with the way you formatted my work experience. Thanks again.

Val K., Administration Coordinator, MAXIMUS

Looks great to me! Thank you! Marian S., Banking Center Manager, Amegy Bank, N.A

Looks great! I love it!!!! Colette S., Sales Executive, McAfee, Inc.

Looks great! You are an artist with words! Tim D., Non-Ferrous Manager, Southern Region, Alter Trading

Looks perfect! Thank you. Great descriptions and information is accurate.

Nick V., Senior Operations Manager, Nightclub, House of Blues (in association with Live Nation)

MANY thanks Beverly! I appreciate the great support!! Greg M., Senior Project/Manager Director of Operations, TolTest, Inc.

My husband was very pleased with his draft. Thanks! Tracy S., Senior Engineering Technician

My resume looks great! Thanks! Kristi K., Financial Analyst, McAfee, Inc.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work! Everything looks wonderful. I will for sure be sending some folks your way, and I will keep you updated on my progress.

C. Reid, Attorney

Once again, true professionalism. I will highly recommend your company.

Steve D., Public Assistance Debris Specialist, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Outstanding. Thank you very much. I am enclosing the "before" resume the other person did. See what a difference that you made!

Robin B., Medical Coder

Overall everything looks very good! I appreciate your assistance. Thomas I., Managing Director, Capital Adviser, Trireme Capital Advisors LLC

PERFECT! I had my rough draft reviewed by a professional recruiter. She was most impressed and has done a lot of interviewing over the years. Great job!

David C., Senior Vice President, Retail Operations, Supply Chain/Multi-Unit Operations

Pleased with my "new and improved" resume. I highly recommend your services.

Bill A., President, Commercial Division, Banking Center, Frost National Bank, N.A

Special thanks. I appreciate all the work and understand that mine was a bit different than many others you do.

Nayiri K., Interim Senior Minister

Thank you for such prompt replies. We are complete! Greg C., Fashion Producer, Neiman Marcus

Thank you for such prompt service! Everything looks great! Christina M., Service Supervisor, Target Corp.

Thank you for your dedication to my resume. I will definitely recommend your services if anyone I know needs a resume!

Bhupesh V., Principal Software Engineer, Sling Media

Thank you for your expedient delivery of the draft. I love what you have done... Jim M., Mortgage Consultant, Well Fargo Home Mortgage

Thank you so much for your assistance. I am already sending out the electronic copies. I will let you know what happens. Additionally, you can certainly count on my recommendations of your company. I am not only pleased with the work but also in how quickly it was expedited and of high quality. Thanks again.

Ray H., Director Sales & Marketing, Custom Travel

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate your help with this and trust your professional opinion. I am very pleased with the final copy and look forward to presenting it to potential employers. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

Robert G., Munitions Support, US Air Force

Thank you so much for your help. The layout is really clean and wonderful. It is perfect and I love it! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Becky D., Technical Information Specialist, NCI Group, Inc.

Thank you so much! I am very pleased with the service you have provided and I will absolutely refer you to friends and co-workers!

Alisa F., Service Manager/Project Manager, Verizon

Thank you very much. We truly appreciate your services and will absolutely consider utilizing your services again in the future as well as sharing your business information with our family, friends, and colleagues.

Teresa L., Assistant Principal

Thank you! I like it! Cynthia M. Senior Procurement Specialist, Weatherford International

Thanks Beverly! It looks great, I would definitely hire me! Kelly H., Administrative Assistant, Group Brokerage, Inc.

Thanks Beverly...I like the format! Bob L., Senior Director of Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing, Continental Airlines

Thanks for all your help. Just wanted you to know I accepted an offer as Senior Manager with a Fortune 500 Company.

Subba K., Senior Delivery Manager, Dell Inc.

Thanks for delivering the files. I am very pleased with the results of your work! Thomas O., Director of IT

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on my resume. I was skeptical at first that my years of government service could be transformed into a two page description highlighting my talents and accomplishments. This quickly faded away when I read your draft of my resume. It is outstanding and I am the envy of my colleagues, some of whom may soon be your clients!

Louis R., US Postal Inspector

Thanks! This is just along the lines of what I was looking for! Stuart G., Safety Manager, Linden Bulk Transportation

Thanks! Everything looks great. Joseph M., Regional Vice President, Primerica Financial Services

Thanks! Looks great. I really like the cover and thank you letters too!

John M., Business Development Manager, Goldleaf Financial Solutions

The document looks very good. I'm pleased with what you've done.

John B., Business Development/Control System Specialist, JAC Automated Controls

The draft is perfect – thank you. Your service is exceptional and I appreciate the professional help.

Jane W., Retail, GM

The draft looks great! A fantastic new spin on my resumes past and present.

Cicely R., Defense Attorney

The heading and format are great. You have a real knack for this line of work.

Marlin G., Paralegal

The resume looked great. There was no way I could have created one as professional on my own.

Chris R., Procurement Manager, Informatics, Ltd.

The resume was visually attractive and well laid out. After leaving a voice mail, I was promptly called back and walked through the process. Beverly used my old resume plus my hand written update and crafted a great resume that helped me land a new position.

William R., Senior Bank Vice President, JPMorgan Chase Bank

The resumes and envelopes arrived in perfect condition. Also, I have already been called back for 2 second interviews and think I am on the verge of at least one job offer.

Tom O., Consultant, Self-Employed

This is a great start! Thanks so much for your help. The draft looks great! Let's get the cover letter rockin!

Mendy A., Aviation Technician, US Navy

I wish I was as talented as I appear on paper!

Joseph G., Mortgage Co., Account Executive

This is great! I love the additions & improvements - particularly the upgrades in the formatting.

Jeff W., English Teacher

This looks incredibly perfect… thank you!!

Sheldon F., HSE Coordinator, Q’Max America, Inc.

Very impressive! I looked over everything and it's all great! Thanks!

Coby O., Orthopedic Private Scrub Nurse

Very pleased! Maria C., Network Administrator, Sun Holdings, LLC

Wow! I’m very happy I spoke to you on the phone and that I made the decision to use a professional service to spiff up my resume. I never knew I had so many fine attributes!

Mary Kay B., High School Counselor

WOW! Everything looks really great.. I would have never thought to present my info in the way that you did - the formatting is great. I appreciate your working with me, you turned a dreaded and intimidating chore into a positive and uplifting experience. You took the weight right off of my shoulders. I will definitely tell everyone about your service.

Shawna H., Public School Teacher

Wow! That was very fast. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Jerry T., Chief of Police

Ya'll make me look damn good. Appreciate your help!

James M., New Construction Superintendent

YOU DID A GREAT JOB - THANKS. Thank you so much Beverly and Staff,

I sought your assistance in writing a Resume because I wasn't sure what prospective employers were looking for in content and format. Your expertise and the product you provided will be of great benefit to me in my search for employment. We took a risk paying you in advance not knowing you personally in spite of your company being located so far away. The risk paid off because you provided me excellent service. My work background looks good on paper and I didn't think that possible without a college degree, but you captured my experience over the years perfectly in the manner in which you featured those details on my resume. Now it's up to me to present myself as a professional, capable of performing at the desired level. My thanks to all those who contributed.

Susan W., Investigator/Compliance Officer

You did better than I ever could! I was dreading even the idea of having to put together a resume. Now I would hire myself!

James J., Corporate Chef, Aramark

Approved! Everything looks great!

Rochelle C., Logistics/Shipping Manager, Shaw SSS Fabricators

Thank You for the awesome resume that you provided for my son. The resume has been complimented by several people. Thanks again for your help.

Jody B., Police Officer

Thank you so much for all your help. Cindy M., REALTOR

I think it looks great! I've experienced some significant challenges over the last couple months. I appreciate the support.

Michael J., Global Director, Services Product Marketing

Your services have been great. Approved! Phillip O., Senior Packaging Manager/ Quality Assurance

Everything looks great! Thanks! Don C., Yard Master

Thank you Beverly. I'm positive I will be sending you some customers. Thanks again for your assistance!

Chris C., Incident Action Plan (IAP) Coordinator

I must say I love the wording you all use and like your detailed approach to all the information we give you. You all have been a God send. Thanks!

Jocelyn P., Marketing Analyst, Alltel (Trust)/Verizon Wireless

Thank you for the quick turn around with my resume material. Everything looks great!

Taylor M., Legislative Assistance Aid, Congressman Michael Conaway

I wanted to let you know that I am pleased with my resume. Thanks for assisting me with this project.

Rodney S., Chief Deputy, Fort Bend County Constables Office

This looks good! Marty C., Portfolio Manager, Credit Union Liquidity Services

Everything looks really good! Stacey P., Administrative Operations Support, Forward Air Solutions Inc.

I love it! Lesley T., Lead Flight Attendant, Delta Airlines

It looks great! Kristian S., Chiropractor

I just wanted to say that the resume looks wonderful thus far and I was highly impressed with how well it turned out. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to your craft.

UPDATE: I used your services last year on the recommendation of a friend who knew someone who used your services previously. Needless to say we were very highly impressed with the dedication and professionalism and decided to return as a customer again when I recently was laid off.

Christopher J., Project Manager, Insulation Industries

You did a great job! John R., Owner/President, Oil and Gas Properties

Everything is perfect! The Cover and Thank You letters look great. Thank you for your services!

Bryanne S., EMT, Paramedic, Legacy EMS

Thank you for getting this back to me so soon. It looks great!

Jared S., Customer Marketing Representative, Honda Financial Services

I approve! Go ahead and move forward with the cover letter...looking forward to it! Thank you so much for bearing with all my questions :)

Julie C., Channel Manager, CBEYOND INC

Everything looks great! Regina S., Information Support Management Asst., Swift Worldwide Resource

Again, AWESOME!!! Robin B., Data Entry/Scanning, The Marker Group

Everything looks fantastic. Thanks again. Have a great day!! Cheryl P., Administrative Assistant, Children's Medical Center

Thank you!!! Jenna E., Customer Service, Macy's Department Store

This looks awesome. Thank you very much for all you do! Sharon M., Public Affairs Representative, U.S. Army

I think it looks really, really good! Minakshi P., Palliative Care Nurse, Baylor University Medical Center

The draft looks very good! I can't wait to see the finished product. Mark B., Director of Academic Services Office, Texas A&M University

It looks great! Again, thank you for your help. I would be happy to provide a reference. Jim P., Vice President Client Relations, Fake Brains Software

Everything looks great! Andy J., Closeout Specialist, FEMA

WOW!! I look pretty darn good!! My compliments to you!! Kimberly D., ITFS Intermediate Lead, Kaiser Permanente

Everything looks great! Eddie R., Lead Operator/Technician, Canal Energy

This looks nice! And thank you! James R., Service Center Manager, FedEx

Beverly, your team is awesome. Resume looks excellent! Thank you very much! Dale W., Terminal Control/Automation Specialist, Conoco Phillips

Thank you Beverly! I appreciate the help and will let others know as well. :-) Glynn B., Assistant Director of IT, Enterprise Systems, CT Lien Solutions

This is GREAT! I'm so excited. It's exactly what I was looking for. I really, really appreciate your quick turnaround.

Kate W., Travel Account Executive

Thank you for all your work on this.... I really like it and have already shown your work to some colleagues here and they liked it too. Great job! I think you will hear from a few of them!

Bob H., Sr. Manager of International Learning & Development, FedEx Office (Kinko's) Inc.

Thank you so much. I am so excited to forward this on. I really appreciate your expertise with getting this done. I will definitely refer you to any friends.

Mollye C., Avionics Electrical Technician 1st Class/E-6, U.S. Coast Guard

Everything looks great. I want to thank you for your help! Jamie K., Bookkeeper, JM Concrete

Looks great! Clayton P., Commercial Sales Representative, Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems LLC

I am very happy with the result! Thank you so much - I really love the layout. Amanda S., Study Manager, Cogenics

I've referred your services to a friend of mine.. Thanks again for all your help - I greatly appreciate it!

Chris P., Underwriting Manager, Arrowhead General Insurance Company

Thank you so much. Looks great! Christian F., Commodities Broker/Account Manager, Statewide FX, Inc.

Thank you for your recommendations! It looks really good! Thank you! Julia L., Management Analyst, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Everything looks good! It is very professional and sounds great! Donnie D., Safety/Environmental Observer, Oil Response Operations, Vision 1 Communications

Thank you, everything appears top quality! Your work is very impressive. Kessa M., Prevention Educator, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Thank you for all your hard work! I really like what you have done. James E., Assistant Bank Manager II/Compliance Officer, Century Bank and Trust

Everything looks good! Thank you! Corey T., Rig Manager, Nabors Drilling USA

Thank you.. that's perfect! Bradley W., Residential Painter, Self Employed

It is a very refined product providing a lovely first impression. So grateful for your help and expertise. Andrea P., REALTOR, Dave Perry-Miller and Associates

Thanks for your prompt turnaround! Donna A., Self-Employed REALTOR, Ebby Halliday REALTORS

I think it looks GREAT!!!! Todd H., CAD Designer, Geo Systems USA

I love the format and have received good feedback. Allison C., Senior Executive Sales Professional, Glaxosmithkline

Resume looks great! I love it. Thanks for all your hard work. Sara S. , Registered Staff Nurse, Hematology/Oncology, Baton Rouge General Hospital

Thank you so much for all you've done. Amanda S., Study Manager, Cogenics

Everything looks great, and I approve. Thanks - Raad H., Auditor, Industry Express

Everything looks great and I am pleased with the outcome. Aron A., Licensed Veterinary Technician, McLean Animal Hospital

Looks good! Stephen S., Account Manager, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC

Thank you once again for your services with my resume. It looks wonderful and I have received numerous favorable praises regarding it.

Chris J., Project Manager, Merit Construction

Thank you. My resume looks great! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Cindy G., Senior Administrative Assistant, Christus Health

I really appreciate your patience with me and your direction. Thanks so much! Kara T., Payroll Clerk/Human Resources Liaison, Triad Electric and Controls

Looks good! Crystan G., Budget Technician, Lackland AFB

I approve! It looks really good! Jack F., Industrial Buyer/Marketing Manager, CMC Recycling

Approved! Thanks again! Randy B., UNIX/Windows System Administration/Server Operations, McAfee Inc.

It looks great! Judy P., Sales Executive/ Home Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Everything looks great. It was a pleasure working with you. I very much appreciate all of your help! Excellent work!

Courtney M., Student Intern, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

Looks good!! Thanks! Kris L., Field Property Claims Examiner, American Family Insurance

Thanks Beverly! Looks great! Joseph S., Personal Chef, Gerard's Personal Chef, LLC

Thank you. You have been very helpful. I will tell others of your service! Stan R., Co-Owner, Roediger Construction Inc.

Thanks for your prompt attention and preparation of my draft resume. I am most impressed with what you folks have done for me! I think the "makeover" looks light years better than what I had before thanks to your flair and expertise! It's very much appreciated! Having said that, please proceed with the cover and thank you letters.

Charles S., Lieutenant, UTSM Center

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Thanks for your professional vision of a quality resume. It captures my thoughts about the best I have to offer.

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Thanks Beverly. Looks nice! Michael A., HR Supervisor, Eaton Corporation

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Excellent, Bev – and thank you so much. I know I had given you a lot to work with and really needed someone like you to bring it all together into something concise and I do sit in Human Resources. I am hopeful of sending you other referrals. Believe me…these folks need your help. All the best!

Russ L., Regional Vice President, Zack's Wealth Management Group

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Beverly and Company,

I just wanted to write you a little note to let you know what a fabulous job you did with my resume. I submitted my application in on Wednesday, and received a call today, two days later, asking me to come in and interview. Thank you so much for all your work! Please be assured I have already passed on your website to others. I am extremely pleased with the results and the timely manner in which you return drafts and final copies. Excellent work!

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Everything looks good! Thank you. Steven D., Facility Operations Supervisor, United States Air Force

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The resume looks amazing! Y'all did such a perfect job. Thanks again! Lindsey R., Loss Control Consultant, Chartis Insurance

Resume looks great! Thanks! Kenneth K., Systems\Network Consultant, Xirtix Consulting

It looks real good. Ready for the final copy! Jim V., Director Supply, Business Development , Panhandle Energy

It looks great! Thanks! April J., Administrative Assistant, Perry Jones Interior Designs, LLC.

Looks very good! Thank you. Todd B., Regional Vice President/Terminal Leader, Swift Transportation

You have done an excellent job on my resume, and even straightened me out on a few things. LOL! Thank you again for all of your help on preparing my resume. I most certainly approve of the job that you have done with it. Keep up the good work, and God bless.

Keith R., HSE Lead, Saulsbury Industries

I approve! Thank you for all of your hard work! Anne G., Surgical Sales Manager, Biosurgical Division, The Medicines Company

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I approve for the final documents to be processed. Again thank you for all of your help. The resume looks great! Have A Blessed Day!!!

Chiquoia A., Human Resource Office Manager, M.C.B. Group LLC

Everything looks great. The formatting is great! Thanks so much! Scarlett D., Sales & Project Consultant, Greenlight Energy

Thank you very much! Mary F., Social Worker/Case Manager, Merrimack Valley Hospital

Thank you so much for your help! Chad L., Senior Loan Officer, Trinity Lending Corporation

Thank you for turning this around for me. Looks great! Caitlin B., Small Business Account Manager, Cisco Systems

Thank you for the recommendation! I like that! Thanks again for your quick responses and help with this.

Timothy D., Procurement Manager Spares and Performance Management, Bell Helicopter

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The resume looks good! Thank you. Tuan L., CADD Technician, Halff Associates, Inc.

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I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into my resume. You are excellent writers and are truly gifted!

Lauren A., Accounts Receivable and Payable, Westin Homes & Properties

Looks good!!! Beau B., CATS Lead Technician, Project Consulting Services

This is a fine resume! Thank you. Trish H., Asset Manager, Recap Real Estate Advisors

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Resume looks great! Thank you. I look forward to receiving the final copy with cover letters, etc. Kyle C., Brand Representative, JDC Marketing

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The meeting I had this afternoon was so successful that it got me an appointment for a second interview. Again... thank you so much for your efforts to accommodate my needs. That you and your staff rushed through the weekend and that I had a draft in hand today made all the difference. Thank you.

Fay K., Builder Account Manager, Field Sales, DuPure International Residential Water Treatment Company

It's great! Approved! Mary K., Operations Manager, Provencal Home

Thank you very much. Roya F., Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Many thanks! Kuntal G., Chief Operating Officer, Eagles Enterprise LLC

Looks great! Thanks!!! Mike H., Sergeant, England Police Department

I'm glad I turned it this completely over to you! Thank you! Chris A., Retail Sales Representative, Verizon Wireless

Everything looks so great! Many thanks. Jevon S., Contract Officer Representative, AFG, RC-East Bagram, AFB, Afghanistan

I think we are good to go on this! Thanks again. Aaron T., Business Development Manager, CBSI

We're clear for take off! Thank you again for all your help. My resume looks amazing. It's like night and day when I go back and look at my old resume!

Patrick P., Senior Digital Imaging Technician, XTO Energy Inc.

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It looks great! Thank you! Katherine S., Executive Assistant, MacAmerica

It looks great! Let's finalize it! Kevin B., Intern, Pash Petroleum

This all looks wonderful. Thanks so much for doing all this and taking the pressure of me during a very trying couple of months. Love it all, its good to go. Blessings.

Cristine T., Finance Manager, Unity Church

This looks great! Thanks! Colleen G., Global Channel Manager, McAfee

I like it! Let's go with it! Joe H., Professional Golfing Association Teacher (PGA)

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Beverly every thing looks good, I approve of the draft. Thanks very much! Darrell N., Field Service Technician, EMSA

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I really appreciate all of your hard work! Thanks again! Lauren A., AR/AP, Westin Homes & Properties L.P

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I approve! Thanks again! Steven R., Chief Inspector, Chevron USA

As you said it would look good! I am satisfied! Thank you so much. Maryam S., General Manager, Church's Fried Chicken

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Looks fantastic. Thank you again. David B., Assistant Sales Representative, Morris Industrial Sales

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Thank you for the great service. I will definitely recommend you guys. Chris L., Manager, Loupe Development, Loupe Contractors, Inc.

LOOKS GREAT!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Eddie T., Scout, MS Army National Guard

Beverly - This is good! Let's move forward with the cover and thank you letters. Thanks! Jim B., Vice President/Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, The Pantry, Inc.

LOOKS GREAT! Thank you! Dillon W., Independent Landman

Looks great! Thanks for your help! Barbara B. Treatment Decision Support Health Coach/WAH, United Health Group/Optum Health

The resume looks just fine! Thank you very much. Steve G., Service Center Manager, Con-way Freight

Everything looks great, Beverly! Brian H., Level 2 Inspector, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspector (FPI), American Airlines

It looks great... I can't wait to get it out there and see what bites I get! Thank you! Laura C., Reporting Manager, NaviNet Inc.

I must say that the documents look really great! ! :) You have done, again, a wonderful job in bringing everything together! Thank you for your time, patience and consideration as well as working with me on this very important matter! I also wish you luck as well on your future endeavors also!

Colleen R., Graphic Designer, Hayward Neon Signs

I am very happy with the resume! Thank you!! Fay K., Builder Account Manager, Field Sales, DuPure International Residential Water Treatment Company

Looks great! Let's go ahead and move on to the cover letters and thank you letters! Cameron C., Personal Banker, Wells Fargo Bank

It looks so good Beverly! Thank you! Candace H., Regional Manager, Detection K9 of America

Thank you so much for all your help. I'm so glad I found you guys! I'm very impressed with the the level of professionalism. Jackie T., Corporate Flight Attendant, Lead Cabin Service Supervisor Assistant, Shell Oil Co.

I think this looks good! It has my stamp of approval. The effort is much appreciated and this has been a lot of stress off my shoulders. Justin D., Fitness Operations Specialist, U.S. Army

First of all, thank you for the wonderful draft. It looks so much better than the old one. Kyoo Ha C., Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, Southern Methodist University

Thank you very much for all your hard work and rapid responses. Much appreciated! Brad S., National Renovation Sales Specialist, Home Bridge Financial Services

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I really like your work and I am looking forward to the next draft. I am digging it so far! Thank you very much for your hard work. Larry R., Federal Civilian, Surface Maintenance Inspector, CSMS

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The document looks great. Very pleased with the format and content. I approve! Grady W., Strategic Sourcing Manager, Luminant

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Everything looks excellent! I will give this information/service to my friends etc..............Thank you so much for the professional expertise & advice.  Jonathon S., Clinical Operation NCO Chief of Operations, 320TH Medical Hospital Company

Thank you for your assistance! I appreciate your work! Bradley R., Mechanical Engineer/Spare Parts Team Sales, Hannon Hydraulics

I appreciate your help very much. My resume looks awesome and I love it! Anu D., REALTOR®,

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Looks great! Thanks again! strong> Jeremy A., Implementation Project Manager, Toys R Us

It looks great! Please proceed with cover and thank you letters! Thank you! Steven R., Plant Accountant, Olin Corporation

Looks good! Thanks!!! Lynn B., Branch Manager, Carteret Mortgage Corporation

This looks really good. Thanks again! Tom O., Securities Valuation Analyst, State Street Bank

Approved!!! Thanks! Tanisha W., Commercial Teller, Bank of the Southwest

This is really wonderful, and informative. Thank you again for all of your help through this process.

Tamara W., Q-Team Representative (Lead Generation Specialist), Peer 1 Hosting

You make me look good! Thank you very much for this! I appreciate all of your help. I think you did a great job and I am very impressed!

John D., Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Coyote Management, L.P.

I really like this! Please finalize! Best Regards! Mario P., Section Leader, US Navy, Pearl Harbor, HI

Thank you so much for taking the lead in this difficult process! Kimberly W. RN, CCU/MICU, St. Vincent Infirmary

It wonderful. Thank you so much. Amy S., Remote Pilot Operator, Chenega

It's totally great! You are the expert! Thank you so much for your help. Julian M., Assistant General Manager, Hyatt Place Stone Oak

Approved! Thank you very much! Berta B., Owner/Office Manager, Midwest Metal Roofing Systems

Thank you so much. Looks great! David B.,Sales Manager, Victory Toyota

Looks great! Thanks! Bryan J., Advertising Consultant,

It looks great and I approve! I appreciate your help! Katherine A., Human Resource Business Partner, Chevron Corporation

Awesome! We are good to go! We are confirmed for the final draft!!!! :-) Matt P., Owner/President, Mustang Music Group

This is really good stuff. I’ve read tons of resumes throughout my career and I love the format of this one!! Thank you. Looking forward to getting the whole package and getting back out there!! Took some much needed time off and am very excited to send this resume to possible employers. I will recommend your services to everyone!!

Diane M., Vice President of Operations, CaminoReal Bank

It looks great! Thanks! Matt B., Senior Software Developer, Dwight Asset Management Company LLC

Very good! Many thanks! Vicki L., Department Supervisor, Alco

Looks good. Thanks! Jennifer C., Program Coordinator, Catholic Charities

The draft looks great and I am very happy with it. Thanks! James S., Owner, Sands Custom Homes Inc.

Thank you! I approve! Rarish P., Assistant Director of IT, University of Houston

Thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate your time and how quickly this was produced. Jason H., AO/ASIF Orthopedic Trauma Sales Consultant, Synthes Orthopedics

Thanks for the help! I appreciate all your efforts. Adam W., Singer/Songwriter

Thank you so much...everything looks great. Dedra D., Global Financial Controller, Capgemini US, LLC

This looks great! Thanks for your help! David D., Owner, Carco Collision

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It's great! Thanks for your support. Mark C., Flight Superintendent, DoD, United States Air Force

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Pilar G., Operations Manager/Sr. Business Analyst, ISBAN/Sovereign Bank

Looks great! Thanks again for your time. Jeffrey M., Account Manager/ Sales Manager, LinkWorth

This looks great! Thank you for such a good job. Christine L., Vice President, Jefferson Electric Co

They look great, Beverly. I will look for the hard copies in the mail and thank you so much for your expertise in creating these documents.

Molly F., M.S.W., Psychotherapist, N.E. Geriatrics

Looks great! Thank you for your assistance. Manjuel V., Marketing Manager, Global Value Add

Looks good to me! Thank you again and wish me luck! Kelly M., Accountant III/Customer Relations Manager, Petroleum Wholesale LP

YEAH!!! Let's finalize! Thanks so much! Carrie S., Product Manager, Dell

This looks so good! Your phrasing in all areas is so much better than I could do. Thank you. Tony H., Receiving Supervisor, Golfsmith International

Looks good! Thanks for your help. Stephen O., Sales and Field Support, C&CE

Everything looks good. Thanks again. Blake W., Personal Banker/Bank Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Thank you for you help. Very nice! Brandon B., Vector Controller, KBR Services

Wow, I would hire me! I am very pleased with the resume. You are amazing! Christine A., Employment Resource Specialist

Approved! Many thanks! Tony M., Ambulatory Rehabilitation Manager, Cambridge Health Alliance

Thanks for all your help. I approve! Carol N., Senior Expatriate Consultant, MOBIL (Exxon Corp)

Thank you very much; everything looks great. It has been a pleasure working with you! Lisa G., Regulatory Affairs Associate, SenoRx, Inc.

Awesome stuff! Thanks for all of your help! Chris E., Broil Cook, Texas Roadhouse

This looks great, approved! Thanks! Christopher H., Lead Human Computer Interaction Engineer, Zix Corporation

I approve of the draft. Thank you very much! Anthony A., Assistant Chef, Texas A&M Catering Services

Hey Beverly, I couldn't be more appreciative of everything you do. Obviously! Thank you! Scott F., Commercial Specialist, Barrett Carpet Mills

Thanks a bunch for all you've done for me! Brian B., Field Account Executive, Manheim Online Solutions

Thanks very much! The resume looks good! Patti C., Sales Associate/Lead Stock Person, Williams~Sonoma, Inc.

Thank you for the very nice job on the resume!

UPDATE: I'm getting positive feedback on my resume [format and content] from those that I am sharing it with. All the best!

Rob J., Senior Account Mgr., McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Thank you so much. It's wonderful! Renee Y., Clinical Pharmacist, Baptist Health System

Got the finished product and couldn't be happier. I am impressed with the job you have done. I am very pleased with this resume and feel confident circulating it among potential employers. I will definitely recommend your business! Thank you you so much!

Kurt J., Advanced Laboratory Technician, U.S. Navy

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Herman R., Cluster Director, Unisys

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UPDATE: I am a big fan of your resume service and hope that some of my referrals are making their way back to you. I am now working as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch.

Miles O., District Manager, Wells Fargo

Thank you SO MUCH!! I really appreciate this! These are great documents! You have no idea how grateful I am! I will definitely let my friends know as so many of them are applying for jobs right now. Thank you a million are a lifesaver!

UPDATE: I just wanted to give you an update! I got an interview with the company, so your help was fantastic!

Julia V., Marketing and Social Media Intern, Titan Consulting

Thank you for the quick turn-around. I am very pleased with your efforts and am confident it will help in my search for future employment. I won't hesitate to recommend your services to friends/colleagues moving forward. I really like what you have put together and I really like the layout .... Thanks so much. KUDO'S!

Jason., Vice President, Business Data Systems, Inc.

Thank you for replying so quickly. Everything looks well thought out and put together professionally, a much better job than I could have managed on my own. Once again thanks for all the hard work!

Scott F., Team Leader, Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Network Team

Everything looks good! Thank you! John Q., Manager, RaceTrac Petroleum

We are good to go! Thanks for your help! Stephanie B., Project Manager, Easley and Rivers

I approve! Many thanks! Chris M., Manager of Infrastructure and Technology, Gilsbar, Inc.

Thank you for your help! Looks real good... Daniel F., Project Supervisor, Brencorp Inc.

It looks perfect! I appreciate your work and patience with me. Thank you for all your work! Julie D., Operations Manager, Orange Glo International (Arm & Hammer Co.)

The resume looks great, and I appreciate the skill you brought to the task. James H., Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Harvard University

Everything looks real good! Thanks! Troy S., Lead MRI/CT Technologist, Radiology and Imaging of South Texas, LLP

Thank you for your quick response. Everything looks good! Thank you for your help! Marguerite L. Owner, R & R Technology

Looks great to me! Thanks so much! Jenn Y., Airport Operations Duty Manager

This is good to go! Thank you for your assistance! Jeffrey P., Vice President of Sales, QTI Apparel and Promotions

Thank you for your help. The documents are all great! David B., General Sales Manager, Stahl Motor Cars

This looks great. Thanks again for all your help! Adam W., Singer/Songwriter

"Thanks for working on my resume!" B. Johnson, General Manager, CH Robinson Co.

Thank you for your great work. I've worked in a family business almost all of my adult life and and have NEVER created a resume! So I appreciate you making me look so good!

Kelly L., Executive Assistant, Sherman Oil & Gas, Inc.

Looks great! Approval is granted! Margaret C., Principal Solutions, Inc.

Thank you so much!!! Reba L., Chief Compliance Officer, Homeland HealthCare, Inc.

You guys are the experts! Toni C., Full Drill Title Abstractor, Trinity Energy Land Services, LLC

Thank you so much for all of my finished documents. They look wonderful. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Lisa L., Vice President Merchandising, Trident Sports

The draft looks awesome! Don L., Regional Sales Manager, Mitchell1

Thanks! It looks awesome! Mark K., Corporate Risk Field Service Manager, JELD-WEN

Thank you all for working with me. I really appreciate it! Andrew K., Plant Manager, Commercial Metals Company

It looks fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help. Brenda K., Media Manager/Craft Editor, KHOU-11

Thank you so much for your expertise and help with my resume! Christine K., Training Manager/Partner Liaison, National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI)

Thanks! Everything looks so great! Marta K., Quality Control Systems Engineer, Mondelez International

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The resume looks good! Thanks! Chris J., Field Engineer, Chicago Bridge & Iron

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It looks great! I hope it brings me much success. Y'all are awesome. Cindy H., Fine Tabletop and Giftware Manager, Bed Bath & Beyond

"WOW!" Your work is amazing, and I am so happy with what you did! Thank you for all your hard work!

Ann H., Business Manager, The Finlay Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

I approve! It's perfect. Alan B., Light Armored Vehicle Crewman, Twenty-Nine Palms

Wow!!! Thank you so much, it looks great!!! Deb C., Business Development Leader, Hajoca Corporation

Thank you again for everything. It looks Great!!!............I approve, so go ahead and put it into action. Roderick, G., Insurance Specialist, American Homepatient

Looks Great!! Thanks! Scott G., Transportation Supervisor, United Parcel Service (UPS)

Thank you very much! I appreciate everything provided and for your direction/guidance with my resume package. Adam G., IT Supervisor, Raymond James & Associates

Thank you so much for your service! Felix G., Legal Manager, Petroquímica de Venezuela

Thank you so much! You have been wonderful and I am truly so pleased with my resume - you made it all seem so effortless!

Van G., Co-Manager, Wal-Mart Stores

Thank you for all of your help! I approve! Jordan B., District Manager, Journey's Group

Thank you. It was such a pleasure working with you. I am pleased with the outcome of my resume and I'll be sure to refer my friends for your services.

Earlene F., Project Analyst, Humana

Looks great. ...Thank you very much.... wish me luck! Here I go! Phillip F., Fac. PACOM

This looks great... Approved!!! Dan B., Technology Director, Ultra Creative

I think it's perfect! Thanks! Joshua E., Senior Inspector, Wood Group/PAC/Murphy Production & Exploration

I approve of the final copy of the resume. Look forward to seeing the final. Thanks again for all your work! Michael D., District Sales Leader, Frito Lay, Inc.

Thanks again for your time and assistance! David D., Leading Petty Officer, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor

Thank you for the quick response time and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Clint D., Human Resource Generalist, Knights Inc.

Thank you so much. It looks FANTASTIC. Karin D., Accounts Receivable Supervisor, MultiMedia Games, Inc.

Thank you for the hard work and best regards! Jeremy C., Teacher's Assistant, Texas A&M

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated! Charles B., Senior Director, Continuous Improvement, Dean Foods

Looks great! Approved! Benjamin C., Assistant Project Manager, Brock Services

Thank you! Everything looks great! Montell C., REALTOR®, Keller Williams Realty

This is looking absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your work on this. Ron C., Proprietor, Rocky Mountain Root Beer

All your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you. Julie O., Asset Manager, Wapiti Labs Inc.

I appreciate all the great work. Thanks again! Justine B., Subcontract, Administrator III, OG&C, Bechtel Australia Pty. Ltd.

Thanks for your work on my resume! Sarah B., Cardiology Nurse Practitioner Fellow, Mayo Clinic

Thank you for everything! Resume looks great! Will definitely be recommending your services! Jeremy A., Planner/Scheduler, ExxonMobil

I have reviewed the documents and I am very pleased with my resume! Amy A., Sales Associate, Hot Topic

I received my draft, with some exceptionally written statements for me to choose from. Thanks to you and everyone involved with assuring my document is the best it could be.

Kevin K. Loan Officer/Team Lead, Bottomline Mortgage, Inc.

Thanks to you my resume has landed me a position as an Executive Assistant rather than a Clerk. Very professional and I know that the results are well worth the time! Thank you!

Carol S., Executive Assistant, Smith Farms

The resume looks good! Thanks again for helping me with this process. Steven, G., Professional Athlete, Big Time Action Sports

After reviewing the draft of my resume, I have to say that I am very impressed thus far with the style, wording, and format. Steven H., Finance Director, Audi

Thank you for you help in getting this processed. I feel that it represents me well and am excited about taking my job search to the next level! Best regards to you and your staff…

Kenneth J., Director of Human Resources, Mission Trail Baptist Hospital

Thanks so much Beverly for your time and expertise with refining my new résumé! It all looks good.... Kind Regards & God Bless

Doug K., Safety Advisor/Consultant, WDS, Noble Energy

Everything looks great! Thank you for all the hard work! Peggy P., Senior Project Manager, Army National Guard Professional Education Center

Awesome, you did an outstanding job. Thank You so much! Doug D., Electronic Warfare Subject Matter Expert/Integration Test Lead, SDS Int'l

Thank you Beverly. Everything looks great! Sean U., Drafter/Designer, LgL Animal Care Products

Hello Beverly, I am receiving great response to my resume! Thank you! Michael M., Vice President Sales, MoneyGram International

I would like to say I am extremely pleased with what I have seen thus far. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have edited/revised my resume but never could get it to "pop" and now it appears to do so and we have not even completed the process. Thank you!

Robert P., Operations Leader, ETech Inc.

I must commend you on an outstanding product and service I have received from you. WOW. The rough draft has definitely exceeded all expectations. Thank you for the assistance!

Ronnie L., Contract Business Support Analyst/ Service Desk Assistant Trainer, Inc., T-Mobile USA

Thank you for your extraordinary service putting together my resume. Jack M., Senior Sales Consultant, Dallas Cowboys

This looks good! I am happy with the final product! Lois M., Regulatory Coordinator, Baylor Scott

I approve of the draft. Thanks for all your work! Brian M., Financial Advisor, First Union Securities

You have been so busy you have been working on my CV! Thanks for all your hard work! Gjeke C., Freelance Journalist

I would like to Thank You!!! For your time and patience! My resume looks wonderful! Lizzie L., U.S. Navy Career Counselor

The Draft looks amazing! Thank you! Bradley K., and Upholstery Cleaner, Chem-Dry

Looks great! Thanks! William B., Senior Vice President, Office of the General Counsel, United Services Automobile Association

It looks great! Approved and we look forward to receiving all of the documents. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we will pass your company along to others. Thank you.

Michael J., Executive Director, Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Thanks for your patience and your assistance in making my resume the best of the best!! Michael M., Staff Landman, Titles Group, Shell Exploration & Production Company

I am good to go! Looks good! Thank You! Burt S., Route Sales Representative, Frito Lay

Excellent work! I approve! Tony M., Desktop Support Lead, CompassLearning Inc.

Thank you for the quick turnaround! Much appreciated! John J., Program Manager, Gobbell Hays Partners

Thank you so much... these look great! Rebecca U., Communications and Stewardship Manager, Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation

I appreciate how patient you have been. Thank you so much. Anjie L., Store Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

Thank you very much! I am happy with my resume. Dennis N., Police Detective, Computer Forensic Examiner, San Diego Police Department

Thanks for your input, it looks good! Ericka H., Area Field Engineer Lead, OSBL, Bechtel

It looks great!! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. Lisa O., School Guidance Counselor, Evant ISD

It all looks good. Thanks! Rema R., Audit Associate, Weaver LLP

It looks really good! Much better than I could ever put together! Charlotte E., Personal Trainer, 24 Hour Fitness

I approve of the draft. It looks really great! Victoria J., Behavioral Therapist, Autism Response Team

Everything is looking good! Thanks for being so quick and responsive with the process! Forrest M., Prescription Drug Monitoring Account Executive, Quest Diagnostics

I appreciate your help with this. The resume has come out very nicely. Thanks! Thomas P., Associate Practice Engagement Manager, Infosys Limited

You have my approval! Thank you very much. Connie A., Territory Sales Consultant, Cardinal Health

It looks great. MANY thanks! Jason U., Regional Account Manager, McKesson-Patient Care Solutions

Go ahead with final draft. Thank you for your promptness! Jason T., Electrician, Automated Controls Systems Inc.

I am extremely pleased with the results and will highly recommend your services to others.

Stephanie E., Official, The Embassy Consular Annex of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Thanks for your help and patience. It looks wonderful! Blair B., Engineer VI/AB Analyst VI, Engineering Division, B&W Pantex/Mason & Hanger-Silas Mason Co., Inc.

Thank you for all your hard work!!! Kyda G., Senior Teller, Wells Fargo Bank

That looks perfect. Thanks! Jacob G., Warehouse Technician, SGS Petroleum Services

Looks great! Thanks so much for your continued assistance and support. Cody B., Housing and Residence Office Assistant, Texas Christian University

Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it! Matt C., Consultant, IRIS Strategic Marketing Support

I approve! Thank you for all the hard work. Erin V., AAR Clerk/Accounting Manager, Darkhorse Wheel & Traction Corp.

Thanks, this is good!!! Mike N., U.S. Army Liaison to Defense Health Agency

From my point I think the resume looks awesome! Johnathan Y., Project Manager, Bankers Life & Casualty Co.

This looks good! Thank you! Lester W., Supervisor, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Walker Department of Public Works

This looks good! Approved for final and supporting documents. Thank you again! Erin E., Community Director, Milestone Management

Thank you for such a thorough job. You made this quite a "painless" process. I appreciate all you have done to assist me in creating a truly professional resume.

Steve C., Senior Support Analyst, Sonic Healthcare USA

I like it very much. Thank you! Jon H., Business Account Executive, Clearwire

Looks good! I approve! Dustin T., Product Engineer, OnviSource

Thanks again for your patience and working with me. Jason P., Forensic Chemist II, Trace Evidence Laboratory, Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences

Approved! Looks great. I appreciate your input and help. Mark, General Manager, Red Lobster

Looks good!! Approved!! Brandon D., Director of Real Estate, Aldi Inc.

I approve of the final draft! Thanks for your help! Travis A., Assistant Manager, Zips Car Wash

Thank you for your help. I will refer people to you! Jordan K., Construction Supervisor, RMRZ Construction

Looks good! Thanks for everything! Kris N., iFA Projects Area Manager, Nissan North America

I'm happy with it. Great job! Chelle A., Office Assistant, Smith Farms

Thank you I have received all documents. Everything looks great. Thank you for your efforts. Cheryl L., Supervisor, AT&T

Everything looks good - thank you...! Robert Y., Independent Insurance Adjuster

I'm pleased. I approve. Thank you!! Catina W., Human Resources Coordinator, Performance Food Group

The resume looks real good! Thanks so much. Robb M., Client Service Account Manager, JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.

I approve my resume as written. I appreciate all your work. Eric F., Executive Vice President, Construction Management, Union Station and Capital Place Building Manger, Bailey Properties

Thank you soooooo much! This looks great! Stefania C., Veteran Services Representative, Human Services Public Health

Everything looks real good. Thanks! Vanessa F., Shift Manager, Hunt Regional Memorial Hospital

Thank you very much! You have been very helpful! :) Billie O., Pharmaceutical Sales Assistant, MMI Inc.

This looks good! I approve! Blessings! Genevieve R., Respiratory Therapist, Castle Medical Center

Looks good to me! Thank you and have a good day! Kidu R., Machine Operator, Alcon Manufacturing

Looks great! Thank you! Ethan H., Salesman, Xtreme Performance Supplements and Smoothies

The way you were able to articulate the skills teacher’s posses and generalize them in a way that translates to skills useful in fields outside the classroom is outstanding. When looking at my resume, potential employers outside the classroom will clearly see how my teacher-skills will be useful in their field of work. Thank you!

Laura B., Teacher, Highlander School

I like it! Thanks!!! Ricardo I., Project Manager and Customer Consultant, Comcast

Thank you for your help. I already got a call back on the job that I am interested in! Thanks again. James W., Director, Compliance Operations, Kaiser Permanente

Everything looks great. Thanks for your help! Pedro T., Operation/Production Manager, Sims Recycling Solutions

I approve. Thanks so much for your help! Christie R., Technical Coach, Cigna

Your rhetoric skills are amazing. Great job on the wording! Brent H., Public Relations/Sales Associate, Bluff Creek Petroleum

Nice job, looks great to me! Holt P., Consultant, Sunshine Discount Vitamins

Thank you for your assistance! I am happy with the product. James S., President, Bayou Properties Company

I really like how it looks! Thanks again! Jennifer G., Certified Pharmacy Technician, Eubank Drug

The final draft looks good. I approve, and thank you for your help! Wesley V., Land Manager, Rancho De Mayo, LLC

The draft looks very good. Thanks. I am very pleased. Ben R., Conductor, Union Pacific Railroad

Thank you for your hard work and patience! Ryan T., Media Consultant, SuperMedia (

Looks GREAT. Approved! Jonathan R., Attack Helicopter Pilot/Army Aviator, U.S. Army Reserves

Excellent work. I approve! Thanks again. John G., Advice Technology Project Administrator, Vanguard

Again thank you!!! You were wonderful to work with and I love the results I love when my money is well spent!!

Caroline H., Certified Nurse Midwife

Thanks so much for putting my resume together making it possible for me to get back out there and join the work force. Again, thanks for giving me an extending the time for me to complete the process. I will recommend your resume service to my friends.

Kristie J., Head Baker, The Bakery

I certainly thank you very much for your hard work and I do "Approve" this draft! Thank you very much! David H., Top Drive Technician, Nomac Drilling

I do approve of the final document. I want to thank you for your patience with me with regards to my resume. I am very pleased with the final result you did an absolutely wonderful job. Again thank you greatly appreciated.

Madelyn D., Customer Service Representative, American Heart Association

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. Wow, I read the first sentence of the profile, and that alone was worth every penny :) It is very well written!!

Kallie D., Senior Representative, Project Management and Planning Operations, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Thanks so much for all your work on providing these documents. You produced exactly what I was looking for, and I feel a lot more confident now about my job search. I appreciate you working hard on this over the weekend, and wish you well. Thanks once more!

Ussama T., Producer, Dubai One TV

Thank you for your professional and quick work. I am certain it will open doors for me. Tony H., Senior Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety, The Brock Group

Thanks you very much for your work. I am very pleased and impressed with your service. Doug F., Managing Member, Silicon Valley Synergy

I'm very pleased with the resume and look forward to putting it into action. Thank you! Scott G., General Manager, Rockstep Capital

I have reviewed the resume and I do like the format and contents. I should improve on resume reviews and job offers. I approve of this resume draft!

Donald R., N.A.C.E Coating Consultant, Black Diamond Services, Inc.

Thank you for everything! Elaine D., Database Administrator, TN Dept. of Transportation

Thank you so much and absolutely phenomenal job! Camille S., Freelance Makeup Artist

I have reviewed the draft and approve. Very pleased! James S., Aviation Structural Mechanic, Fleet Readiness Center

Wow! That is a thousand times better than my past resume. I approve this draft. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me create a resume that will land me a job and get my future on track!

Joel B., Family Life Center Supervisor, Courthouse Community UMC

Thanks for your work! I am very satisfied and will recommend your service. Trey Ch., Vice President, Petroleum Equipment International

Awesome thank you! Shaun L., Store Manager, EzPawn

Looks great...thank you! Carey S., Radiology Administrative Director, American Diagnostic Technologies

I approve this resume. Thank for your help! Javier P., Manager, Musician, Seconds to Paradise

One small change and it is ready to go. I hate doing resumes! Thank goodness someone like you does it so well. Thanks again....

Ruth L., Administrative Manager, Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.

I loved how it looked, read, and sounded. Will D., News Anchor, CBS Radio

Thank you it looks great, I will keep in touch and recommend you to my other colleagues. Juan L., Petroleum Inspector, Camin Cargo Control

The top portion of the resume is outstanding. The description of the experience is great. This is looking really great and I do appreciate what you are doing.

Rhonda T., Senior Planner, General Dynamics

Thank you for the wonderful CV! Trisha S., International Baccalaureate (IB) Teacher, School of the Nations

Thank you so much for your timely and professional assistance. This looks good to go. Thank you for your prompt service!

David C., Executive Director, AR Local Police and Fire Retirement System

Mahalo for the files and the detailed information in your email, this is very helpful. I appreciate the services you provided. Mahalo again!!

Vince B., Executive Assistant Manager (EAM), Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa

I approve of the draft. Thank you so much for your expertise. Looks Great!! Trini S., Wind Site Manager, Nextera Energy Resources

You were able to assist me with an executive resume. I was extremely satisfied with your services. Now my wife is looking to update her resume!

Daniel P., Business Analyst, JP Morgan Chase

Everything on the resume looks great! Thanks! Ricky C., Marine Technician, RPS Evans-Hamilton

Looks amazing. Hard to believe that's me. I approve, and thank you for your expert guidance. You rock!

Corey L., Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Support Services Specialist, Alcon Laboratories

Thank you for such a speedy and enjoyable experience working with you on my resume. Again thank you for all your hard work. I greatly appreciate it.

Stephen A., Lab Technician, Lenscrafters

I am ready to go with it! Thanks again! Patricia S., Manager Voice/Video Engineering, SAIC

Looks great! Thanks! Nathalie A., Senior Investigator, USIS

Hi Beverly, Thanks for your service, I will recommend your services to others in need of a quality resume.

Staci S., Reimbursement Specialist, Infinity Infusion Care

Beverly – THANK YOU so very much for your wonderful services. I will definitely share your services. Thank you for the tips, I greatly appreciate it.

Valerie F., Director of Volunteer Services, Lutheran Social Services

Approved, and thank you for the help! Have a Good Day! David H., Sr. Journeyman, Ovation Graphics LLC

I think its excellent. Thank you. Michael B., Assistant Parts Manager, Rainbow Honda

Thank you Beverly! Sarah R., Executive Assistant, Southern Asset Service Corporation

Thank you Beverly. Everything looks great! It was a pleasure working with your service. Jay S., Project Manager, AAR Corp

You put together my resume back in early 2011. My goal was to get an adjunct job at a university in or around the San Antonio area. Well, as the story goes, I sent my resume out. I was in no rush nor no leads happened. The most interesting thing happened...UTSA had kept my resume dated back Jan 2011. I totally forgot about it. When they called me, I was shocked. I was hired on the spot and now I'm officially going to be a university supervisor for 12 special education student teachers this Fall. Thanks to you and the "resume" that was parked for over year. LOL! Thank you so much!

Dyna J., Visual Impairment Specialist and Special Education Teacher, BISD

Thank you for my final products. Everything looks great. I appreciate you're help in developing my new resume as I have been wanting to do this for several years now and I am very pleased with the results.

Keith B., Test and Activation Specialist, Austal USA

Beverly: This looks great. Thanks! I appreciate your help and insights into what HR screeners are interested in seeing. Jim R., Chief Operating Officer, JVR Health Readiness Inc.

Thank you very much for the GREAT resume you completed.. Kevin M., Safety Manager, Construction Safety Experts

Thank you very much. All my documents are great. I am really happy with your service. Oscar D., Product Management, Systems Engineer Latin America , Laser Shot Inc.

I am pleased! Please proceed with the letters! Kathy C., Independent Consultant, Rodan & Fields


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